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Official photo partner of the project – Nikon (Igor Zhuk, Artyom Bilera).
Photographs by Sergey Poteryaev, Norbert Artner, Dmitry Moskvin, Stanislav Chepurnykh, Marina Kozlachkova and Anya Sitnikova.

People working on the project: (click to view)

Manager of project - Evgeniya Nikitina
Curator - Uwe Jonas
Lecturers – Norbert Artner, Marina Sokolovskaya, Dariya Kostina, Anna Klets, Andrey Kolokolov
Technical support – John Bocharov, Alexey Demyanenko, Anatoliy Kaptur, Ivan Vtorikh, Natalya Booblik
Translators – Elizaveta Kiselyova, Elena Mironova
PR – Artyom Antipin
Coordinator – Mariya Kozlachkova
Design - Dariya Shevirenkova
Moderator of the discussion and guide – Dmitriy Moskvin

Organizers and participants accord a thank to the director of Verkh-Isetsky Culture Centre Andrey Zuyev for support and comfortable working conditions and also to dwellers of the area for partaking in making of the project.

More information on the project (press-release, dates, contact info)

‘On the Way’ project is a public art (art in public spaces) workshop guided by Uve Jonas, an artist and curator, director of a residence in Berlin. A total of 19 artists from Yekaterinburg took part in the workshop, 17 of them later carried out their personal projects. All of them had a simple yet ambitious goal: intervene in public spaces of Verkh-Isetsky living area. Participants had two weeks to complete projects that would be outstanding enough to become the talk of the city, but would also be low-budget or need no financing at all.

The workshop began with three lections for all comers. The first one Uve dedicated to public art in Berlin, his curating experience and art project. The second lection was read by Norbert Artner, another guest from Austria. Norbert talked about ‘Festival of Regions’, an event held biennially in public spaces of Upper Austria...(read more)

A free brochure was issued to tell Verkh-Isetsky area dwellers about the interventions.

The project was carried out as a part of Days of Germany in Yekaterinburg.
With the support of General Consulate of Federal Republic of Germany in Yekaterinburg.

Department of culture of Yekaterinburg city Administration.
Verkh-Isetsky area Administration.

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